What is going on with federal HCBS funding?

You’ve probably seen a lot of news in the past few weeks about federal funding for home and community-based services. Here’s what it’s all about.

Infrastructure Plan Loses Proposed HCBS Funding

First, President Joe Biden announced his American Jobs Plan proposal with money for improving infrastructure. “Infrastructure” means things like roads and bridges, but President Biden’s plan also viewed home and community-based services as infrastructure needing improvement. The plan would: “Solidify the infrastructure of our care economy by creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home care workers.”

Many lawmakers disagreed with the idea that home and community-based services are infrastructure and didn’t think they should be funded in this plan. President Biden and these lawmakers discussed the plan for a while to try and reach an agreement. On June 24, President Biden announced they had finally reached a deal, but some items from the plan were taken out, including home and community-based services funding.

New, Separate Legislation Could Strengthen HCBS

Also on June 24, legislation called Better Care Better Jobs Act was introduced in Congress. If passed, it would strengthen home and community-based services in many ways.

The Better Care Better Jobs Act would

  • • Expand access to #HCBS to reduce the number of people waiting for services
  • • Help the direct support professional workforce through increasing wages and providing training
  • • Make Money Follows the Person permanent

And much more.

How You Can Become an Advocate for HCBS

If you are excited about the potential of the Better Care Better Jobs Act, it’s time to take action and let our Texas legislators in DC know that #CareCantWait and that you support this essential legislation that would benefit their constituents with disabilities. Use The Arc of The United States call-to-action form to send your message.

Get more information on this legislation from The Arc.