Using Your Trust

Find out the type of items The Arc of Texas Master Pooled Trust can pay for, plus how to request and receive your disbursements from the Trust.

What can Master Pooled Trust Pay For?

Providing For Supplemental Needs

The Arc of Texas Master Pooled Trust is designed to provide money for the supplemental needs of a person with a disability. The following examples are not exclusive, but will illustrate the types of special, supplemental, non-support disbursements that are appropriate for the Master Pooled Trust manager to make on behalf of the trust beneficiary:

  • Health and dental treatment and equipment for which there are not funds otherwise available
  • Rehabilitative and occupational therapy services
  • Medical procedures, even though not medically necessary or lifesaving
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • Supplemental nursing care
  • Supplemental dietary needs
  • Eyeglasses
  • Travel
  • Reading and educational materials
  • Entertainment
  • Companionship
  • Private case management
  • Cultural experiences
  • Vacations
  • Movies
  • Telephone service
  • Television and cable equipment and services
  • Training and education programs

If you have other ideas for how you would like your family member to use his or her trust, but aren’t sure if it would be considered a “supplemental need,” please contact the Master Pooled Trust at 1-800-252-9729, (512) 454-6694, or

Steps to Request Your Disbursement

Step 1: Fill out the Disbursement Request Form

To initiate the disbursement process, download a fillable and printable version of the request form

Download Disbursement Request Form (DRF)

Step 2: Send the request form to The Arc of Texas

Once you have finished filling out the Disbursement Request Form, you may either email, fax or you mail it via U.S. Mail to The Arc of Texas.

Fax: 512-454-4956
The Arc of Texas
Attn: MPT
8001 Centre Park Dr, Ste. 100
Austin, TX 78754

Step 3: The Arc of Texas processes your request

Once your request is received, The Master Pooled Trust Coordinators will review each disbursement request. If more information is needed the Coordinator will contact the Primary Representative. Approved disbursements will be sent to the Bank within 2 business days.

Step 4: The Arc of Texas sends your request to the bank

After receiving the request from The Arc of Texas, within 1 business day, the bank processes the request and either prints a check or sets up a direct deposit, depending on your payment choice.

Step 5: The bank sends the funds

Depending on the payment method, the bank will either send the printed check in the mail (3-5 business days) or directly deposit the funds into your bank account (ACH 1-3 business days).

Step 6: You receive your funds

Within the allotted time period indicated above, you will receive the funds you requested. Overall the process takes anywhere from 5 days to 13 days, depending on the transfer methods you choose.