5 takeaways from Whole Person Project research

Manager of Public Policy & Advocacy Alex Cogan presented research from the Whole Person Project at the Texas Judicial Commission for Mental Health Annual Summit. The project highlights the need for cross-collaborative training for IDD and mental health (MH) professionals. The goal of the project is to improve supports provided to individuals with IDD-MH and their families by enhancing community-based mental health services and encouraging cross-collaborative training between IDD and MH professionals and those who may come in contact with people with IDD during a mental health crisis, such as law enforcement. Some high-level takeaways:

  • • Lack of expertise in IDD-MH is a barrier to effective crisis intervention and treatment
  • • Need to build capacity to cross-collaborate within the entire system of support ranging from medical and mental health providers to law enforcement
  • • Dearth of qualified staff often exacerbates reactive responses to mental health symptoms and increases demand for acute care
  • • Texas has experts in IDD and MH, but availability is not adequate to meet the demand for resources, with community services largely limited to medication management
  • • Increased community education on IDD-MH can foster a sense of inclusion, positive engagement, and improved quality of life for Texans with IDD.

Watch the video of Alex’s presentation above or on YouTube

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