Ensure Competitive
Integrated Employment
for all Texans With IDD

The Arc of Texas 2022 Public Policy Priorities


Advance policies that improve competitive, integrated employment options for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
Work is a fundamental part of adult life.

For people with IDD, taking part in working life is an essential condition to equal participation in society.

People previously considered “unemployable” can work, be productive, and can achieve independence.

Expanding occupational skills training programs that improve job preparedness and increase opportunities for gained experience among Texans with IDD is key in fostering economic competitiveness and development in Texas.

Employment services funded by Medicaid waivers are extremely underutilized while day habilitation services are heavily utilized.

The low amount of funding for integrated employment services in Texas has contributed to a high percentage of people with disabilities spending their time in facility-based non-work settings, or day habilitation.

There is a statewide shortage of well-trained benefits counselors to advise Texans with disabilities and their families.

Individuals are often kept in subminimum wage employment due to widespread misinformation regarding work and benefit eligibility for programs and services vital to their well-being.

Legislative Solutions
Expand initiatives that align with the Texas Employment First law and Medicaid home and community-based settings (HCBS) rule for people with disabilities.

Fully fund the transition from facility-based day habilitation to individualized community-based services, so Texans with IDD can learn and enforce important skills that allow for a meaningful day that includes employment.

Fund employment supports first.

Support Texas's vision for a public system that funds employment supports first.

Improve the availability of information.

Strengthen public awareness of work incentives and benefits planning for people with disabilities who receive.