Access Justice is a new program from The Arc of Texas that offers education and collaboration tailored specifically to the needs of your community.

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All Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) deserve the right to live and thrive within their community of choice. This includes ensuring individuals with IDD have equitable access to justice and avoid unnecessary and inappropriate involvement with the criminal legal system. Access Justice is trainings specifically for those involved in the criminal legal system, such as law enforcement and legal professionals.

Benefits for Law Enforcement

Access Justice will improve law enforcement’s ability to protect and serve the community by enhancing interactions with community members in need of assistance.

Benefits for Legal Professionals

Access Justice will assist legal professionals to provide holistic legal services, so clients, regardless of disability, receive strong legal support through enhanced understanding of the circumstances surrounding a client’s case.

Which program is best for you?

• One-time, profession-specific training

One session targeted with subject matter to one specific audience.

• Long-term collaboration (Recommended)

One to three profession-specific trainings co-facilitated with a local leader and self-advocates.

Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Ongoing IDD Support Team and Local Coordinator convene local stakeholders to conduct a systems analysis to address barriers, issues, or challenges in serving the IDD population.
  • Regular meetings between the IDD Support Team, which includes local stakeholder leaders, such as law enforcement, legal professionals, service providers, self-advocates, and others as deemed appropriate.

What is included in the program?

This will depend on your community’s level of need and commitment.

  1. Training community stakeholders to better understand and engage with individuals who have IDD.
  2. Community coalition building (law enforcement, legal, service providers, self-advocates) that centers the voices and stories of self-advocates.
  3. Resource assessment to uncover challenges or barriers to support individuals with IDD and propose solutions to prevent involvement in the criminal justice system, tailored training.

How does it work?

While The Arc of Texas develops, manages, and supports the program, initiatives are identified and led by local stakeholders, which may include:

  • Self-advocates
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal professionals
  • Victim service providers
  • Local IDD Authorities (LIDDAs)
  • Others as the community sees fit to create sustainable change. Tailored training is provided to stakeholders in-person or virtually.

How Much Does it Cost?

Since training is highly specialized for your community, please contact The Arc of Texas to discuss your options.

How Do I Sign Up for Trainings?

Training sessions are currently at capacity. Use the email sign-up form below for updates on training availability.