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Through the support of the Corporation of National Community Service, the first pilot of  the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) pairing volunteers 55+ with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) has launched through The Arc of Texas in Williamson County. The program is designed to help:

  • Increase social connectedness
  • Develop important life skills
  • Ensure each member of our community with I/DD are able to live their safest, happiest, self-determined life.

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Sign-up to join as a member to receive volunteer support
  2. Apply to be an RSVP Volunteer
  3. Join as a community partner

Individuals can sign-up independently to join the program as a volunteer or member, or join through one of our community partners. Membership is FREE for all participants!


  • Join volunteers at community events and work on developing social skills (and have fun)!
  • Participate in life skills development workshops.
  • Receive support with transportation to a from social events and places you need to go in the community.
  • Still in school? Connect with a volunteer mentor who can provide support in school or out in the community who can help with developing basic social skills and academic support.


  • Provide important to support members of your community with special needs.
  • Volunteer on your schedule with members of your community with an intellectual/developmental disability.
  • Use your experience and skills to help program members develop those same skills.
  • Opportunities to teach a trade or talent
  • Connect with other volunteers in your community

Community Partners

  • Engage your constituency in volunteering (ex: Rotary Clubs, bowling teams, etc.)
  • Connect your program participants with volunteers (ex: vocational day program, group home)
  • Create a space for a volunteer station or donate an activity (ex: library, bowling alley/round of bowling, cooking studio/cooking classes)

RSVP Volunteers support Members with:

Social Companionship & Community Engagement

Provide a caring, compassionate, social relationship. Volunteers connect program members with local resources to support their full engagement with the community. Volunteers and members participate in activities they both love­­–bowling, going to the movies, golf, and more!

Life Skills Development

Current Workshops: Financial Literacy, Healthy Relationships

Teach a financial literacy curriculum, tailored for people with I/DD. Volunteers provide guidance and support to individuals, improving their ability to earn and budget money, and live independently in their home. The healthy relationships curriculum provides a guide for safe and caring relationships between individuals and their family, friends, caregivers, and significant other.

Have a special skill you’d like to share? Volunteers can submit a proposal to teach a workshop, teaching their special skill or trade. Workshop proposals submitted here.

Safe & Healthy Homes

Development of basic life skills is an important part of living a happy, healthy, independent life. Volunteers meet individuals with disabilities in the community and at their home. Visits provide an opportunity to review home safety, like fire prevention and emergency preparedness, healthy cooking, and ensure the home is in a safe and healthy condition. 

Transportation Support

Provide transportation to individuals with disabilities, like helping get to doctor appointments, the grocery store, or recreational activities in the community (this week’s bowling league).

Youth Mentorship (K-12)

School-Based Mentoring

Meet with K-12 students with disabilities in their schools to provide services that promote the social engagement. Mentorship can help boost students’ academic performance, improve attendance, and help foster a love of learning!

Community-Based Mentoring

Meet with K-12 students with disabilities out in the community to provide services that promote social engagement and personal independence. Building confidence and developing core social skills can have a positive impact on a person’s day and help them build themselves up the rest of their life.

Join The Arc of Texas + RSVP Advisory Council

We are currently accepting applications for The Arc of Texas + RSVP Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is made up of RSVP volunteers and Members (with IDD) to help with program development ideas, local planning, and promote community support of the program. Special projects are also available through the Advisory Council.

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