The Arc of Texas Strategic Plan
2023 to 2028

Public Policy

Nurture and sustain a strong, credible reputation within Texas as an advocate and resource to preserve and expand necessary services and support to the IDD community through collaboration and active engagement.

  • Build a deep bench of expertise, knowledgeable staff, volunteers, board, and chapters.
  • Model an inclusive approachable active-listening advocacy organization.
  • Navigate policy opportunities as one big The Arc system in Texas.

Strategic Niche & Scaling Impact

The Arc of Texas will work with local communities to be an active voice and resource to increase impact for people with IDD and their families, share the power and influence the IDD community has, and create opportunities for positive change throughout Texas.

  • Cultivate network of statewide IDD collaborators to inform I&R++ database.
  • Develop and scale chapter program expertise.
  • Serve as hub on human rights issues that impact the IDD community

Programs and Services

Support impactful and inclusive programming to assist member and chapter to influence individual lives at a local, state, and federal level through engaged and mindful actions, including exceptional trust services.

  • Connect and strengthen local chapters to provide impactful, inclusive programming.
  • Strengthen and stabilize Texas Advocates to create a sustainable advocacy organization.
  • Create and maintain statewide I&R++ database and resource library.
  • Build and expand MPT network.
  • Create and support network of Ambassadors of The Arc of Texas.

Internal Operations

The Arc of Texas will create a best-in-class work environment with a focus on financial and operational sustainability to achieve the Mission and Vision of the organization.

  • Create an atmosphere where all team members are invested in the Mission and Vision of The Arc of Texas.
  • Recruit and retain exceptional staff across the organization.
  • Develop revenue mindset to increase diversification of revenue.
  • Leverage technology to enhance operational capacity across the organization.

Board Governance

Develop and maintain an effective board focused on the long-term sustainability of The Arc of Texas and moving the organization’s Mission and Vision forward with the IDD community.

  • The board represents the IDD community we serve in Texas.
  • Commit to an intersectional and inclusive ethos.
  • Board is accountable to the Mission and Vision of The Arc of Texas.
  • Actively engage with The Arc US.